The Inquiry Hub Manifesto

In February 2014 we started a consultation process with the students of the Inquiry Hub to establish a public declaration of our values, beliefs, and priorities that bring us together. Based on the manifesto we have the potential to play with democratic processes, such as collaborative decision making, voting, and public discussion. The manifesto was adopted with a majority vote of 25 in favour and 3 opposed (8 students were absent for the vote).

The Inquiry Hub Manifesto

A public declaration of our shared beliefs, values and priorities

 At the Inquiry Hub, we value and respect…

  • Diversity of perspectives, interests and strengths
  • Friendship and community
  • Creativity
  • Leadership, Good citizenship, and care for others
  • Organization, time management, and self-regulation
  • Attempting new challenges and learning from our failures (and successes)
  • Improving our knowledge and understanding by asking innovative questions
  • Making or contributing things that have positive and lasting effects for others
  • Freedom to make responsible choices that do not cause harm
  • The purpose of different work environments (rooms, space, ambience) and the things in it
  • Working well individually and cooperatively
  • Having diverse interests, hobbies and skills including art, music and sports
  • Pride in our work and effort
  • A sense of determination, optimism and positive humour

At the Inquiry Hub, we prioritize…

  • Completing graduation requirements (i.e., course work)
  • Collaboratively designing relevant and engaging learning experiences
  • Exercising individual voice in a respectful manner
  • Exploring our individual interests as well as new ideas
  • Becoming competent learners
  • Sharing what we learn
  • Developing an education and career path

At the Inquiry Hub, we cannot afford to tolerate…

  • Behaviours that distract others
  • Any form of harassment or bullying
  • Wasting resources including time, space, bandwidth, water, paper, ink cartridges, and electricity
  • Playing games at inappropriate times or in learning spaces
  • Continual lack of progress

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