3D Printing and Makerspaces

This page begins as a growing resource for teachers and others interested in bringing 3D printers and other such technologies into the classroom. This is part of a larger idea to rethink the classroom as a makerspace.


2 thoughts on “3D Printing and Makerspaces

  1. Makerspaces (sometimes preferably called hackerspaces) are do-it-yourself resource centres. Features include access to tools, equipment and materials for making prototypes and other works including art. They are social spaces where members teach each other new skills and share what they are doing and learning.

    Here are two resources to get started with:

    Martinez, S. L., & Stager, G. (2013). Invent to learn: Making, tinkering, and engineering in the classroom. Torrance, CA: Constructing Modern Knowledge Press.

    This book is sometimes shared for free on Amazon. It is an introduction to maker culture and the potential benefits for education. It makes the argument for encouraging making or tinkering at school. These arguments are not necessarily new but they are in the context of thinking of learners as makers.

    The second resource is a website – http://makerspace.com/

    There is good information here as well as a pdf document you can download that discusses the practical considerations of converting a classroom space into a makerspace.

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