Nov 7/8 – Psychology Introduction (iHub 9/10)

As an introduction to a mini-study of human psychology and behaviour, we began with a TED Talk by Dan Ariely, a behavioural economist.

Our buggy moral code

What makes us fell good about our work?

We also looked at some examples from Dan Ariely’s Irrational Game.

Here is a list of references for studies in the game.

You have a choice of two assignments:

  1. Design your own simplified, mini study of human behaviour and carry it out but ONLY WITH APPROVAL FROM THE TEACHER. You cannot carryout a study that negatively affects the participants. In about two weeks, you will report on what you did, what you learned, and how it fits with what we already know.
  2. Come up with a question on human behaviour and summarize what is already known about it. Then suggest a potential experiment or new question and direction to pursue research.

Reminder: Keep track of your sources and cite what you are using.

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