Day 2 – September 8, 2016

In the morning, I communicated: 1) locations available for student study time and 2) make time for student digital portfolio.

  1. The locations where students may study when they are not scheduled for class include:
    • The Learning Commons – Space is available for one or two students per desk, and three to five students per table. This space can easily accommodate 30 people  working on individual or group work. The noise level is moderate with lots of conversations and background noise. Headphones may help some students maintain their concentration.
    • The Computer Lab – Unavailable Monday and Thursday mornings for COL support as well as scheduled classes of ICTX or iHub 9/10. This is a very good location for about ten students who prefer to work on their own. Noise must be kept to a minimum to allow for students to concentrate on their computer work. However, the room will not be silent as students must be able to discuss their work with others also.
    • The Lounge – In general, off-limits to students except for storing and preparing lunches at this time. Food and Nutrition classes will meet here according to the schedule and students in these classes will have some access. Approximately, ten student volunteers who also wish for quieter, calmer work locations will be scheduled to also occupy this space. In exchange, they will help maintain the kitchen as needed by operating the dishwasher, putting clean dishes away, and reminding others not to leave their things in the sink and on the counter.
    • Classroom 1 (Hubitat) – When not in use by a class, available for group work, presentations, meetings, etc. Will be closed if students are not acting responsibly.
    • Classroom 2 (Room of Requirement) – When not in use by a class, available for group work, presentations, meetings, etc. Will be closed if students are not acting responsibly.
    • FishLab (makerspace) – Eye protection (e.g., glasses) must be worn by all students in this room. This room is available for project work and for storage. The room should be kept locked when unoccupied and teacher permission is needed to be in this space. Operation of tools and equipment must be done with teacher permission and supervision. Some classes will be scheduled for this room. Food is not allowed in this area.
    • The Hallway – There is some seating available in the hallway by the FishLab. Be sure that access to the doors is not hindered and the noise level should be kept to a minimum because classes will be running in adjacent rooms. Whiteboards are available for collaboration outside of the Lounge.
  2. This year we are greatly increasing our support of digital portfolios by providing time during classes to post reflections as well as providing tips for maintaining a blog. All students may use a personal Edublog provided by the school. However, students may also use an alternate system for their digital portfolios provided it has the following characteristics:
    • The student can provide a direct link to the teachers so we can access their portfolio throughout the year.
    • Commenting on posts is available.
    • Media (e.g., audio, photo, or video) as well as text can be used.

In the afternoon, students were asked to begin a process of creating personal learner profiles. We will continue to build these profiles during advisory classes. Student volunteers also cleaned up the school garden.

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